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Who would guess that the best way past creative block or team confusion is stopping and breathing? Designers, Makers, and Nonprofit leaders share in common that tension between making things to put into the world and making space within ourselves to stay inspired. But if we give it time, our bodies actually help us know the difference between the inspiration that naturally draws us, and the false self that drives us. Life as Art retreats are 2-3 day events in which participants make space to apply their creative intuitions to their own lives through casual in-the-round presentation, group dialogue, hands-on exercises, and directed mindfulness practices.  

Troy Bronsink is a musician and author with over 15 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, spiritual direction, and retreat facilitation. Retreats begin by listening to our life's ingredients, then observing our creative process, and concluding with customizing our intentional practices.

Participants will come away with

  • A design thinking framework to address creative flow in existing teams and projects
  • Self understanding about their own creative process
  • Applied understanding of at least three mindfulness practices to increase creative flow

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