hello, again


I have moved my email to .mac and you may have come to this blog to find out who I am (sorry for mass emails) or what we're up to.

Here is a short description:

Kelley and I were married June 1998, moved to Spokane Washington, where I became interested in emerging church paradigms, Presbyterianism, and beauty (Kelley became a speech language therapist- interested in kids and beauty).  We moved back to the south to Atlanta, GA in 2000 for me to attend seminary at Columbia Theological Seminary.  We lived in a mixed income apartment complex in the innercity of Atlanta and fell in love with city life and grew in our appreciation for racial and socioeconomic challenges of the south.

While in seminary we had a beautiful daughter, Eve, who is now four.  After seminary the three of us moved into intentional shared community with two other Christian families with kids.  I traveled/spoke as an emerging church consultant, singer-songwriter, and worked in our neighborhood, Capitol View, as a community organizer and facilitating a house church.

Last summer, I was ordained and a few months later was installed as pastor of Church of St. Andrew, Presbyterian, a 45 year old church in Sandy Springs, on the north end of Atlanta.  I also was published for the fist time in a book by baker pres, "An Emergent Manifesto of Hope." in 2006 Kelley began a scrapbooking/papercraft store with three other friends, oh and we added a Great Dane, Noah, to the mix as well.  After a year of new beginnings and the wearing off of honeymoon phases, I am entering my second year as pastor at St. Andrews and Kelley has left her first business venture to return to her first love as speech therapist.  And this summer we moved down the street from the community house into our first home (owned).

Yesterday was the first day of school, and Eve entered Pre-K at the same school where Kelley teaches.

I'll post some pictures here later this week.  If your an old friend visiting the site, I'd love to hear what you're doing.