I've been posted in Creative Loafing as the 6th least influential leader in Atlanta, I guess thats good?  The issue is a tribute to women and men everywhere struggling to meet the challenges of life in a modern American city.  I'm proud to be in the fine company of a homeless woman, a small business entrepreneur, a rain dancer, and a couple of whale sharks:)


The timing for Andi's call (the creative loafing reporter) was a surprise since I had left a year as pastor in Sandy Springs only 4 weeks earlier.  So I am grateful that it turned out so positive!  The funny part is getting photographed as least influential.  What do you do, wear your least persuasive sweater and remind no one to say 'hey' when your out in the neighborhood?  i was cleaning my couch when Joeff, the photographer, came by, so things were pretty natural and unforced. That seems pretty unimportant, right?

Here's a bit of what Andi writes:

Bronsink is a pastor without a congregation.

He is part of what’s known as the emerging church, a Protestant movement reimagining church in a post-modern context with an emphasis on community-minded living. Despite his traditional seminary education, his collaborative, cooperative style doesn’t easily mesh with the Protestant church as it’s typically practiced in the South.

He’s not what he describes as a traditional, CEO pastor — “the person who can summarize it all, be the representative, the design guru, and the implementer.”

Bronsink envisions church as a “community meeting at the Lord’s table,” he says. “Jesus is the center, not just one person speaking on his behalf.”

He’s a roundtable man in a podium world...

Anyway, I also wanna give props to the even less influential Atlantans who do even better work of inspiring hope against all contextual odds. May the new creation conspire with us all!

I just found out that there are some more photos and narration by Andi and Jeff in a multimedia slideshow of the "least Influential," with my stuff around 11:54 in the show.(thanks steve for the find)