Indie Craft Experience


With glittery tinsel already up at the Kroger, I'm beginning to reimagine christmas gift giving and our participation in the creative work of God.  I realize that I have grown too comfortable buying something from IKEA that was made by a machine and shipped from BFE, or eating bananas grown by families more than 6K miles away.  And the scariest part is that this comfortable posture is sneaking into our views on the rest of life, we enjoy just consuming already made things or thinking about making, and we just get numbed out to the producing end of things.  I'll bet that our imagese of how "the Word of God was made flesh and dwelt among us"  is also domesticated by these views of consuming.  But we used to be more connected to producing, it was part of our family's everyday lives, and part of our gift giving rituals. I can remember my dad talking about my grandpa delivering milk from a farm located in their same little Michigan town, and I still have an afghan that my aunt made for us as a wedding present.  but this is not the real world... things move too fast to do that anymore... right?

I love the work of the Advent Conspiracy, "an international movement restoring the scandal of Christmas by worshiping Jesus through compassion, not consumption."  And Mike Morrell invited me through facebook to join the Make Something Day group, committing to spend the friday after thanksgiving making something in stead of buying things.


I want to add to these two things a heads up for Atlanta people about the Indie Craft Experience, this Saturday, November 17 from 11am-6pm.

Kelley and I went last year and this summer. When she had a scrap booking store we participated. While this does include buying, shopping at the Indie Craft show is more of a cultural event, building friendships, leaning about making, and living off or at the edges of the grid. It is a beautiful menagerie of people and their hand-made wares.  Great Urban, Edgy, and folksy designed things for Christmas- and the chance to know the makers of these things.  This is sorta like growing and buying locally as well as gardening in your back yard- a good practice. If you're in Atlanta, and want to come to our neck of the woods, you should go see it!


(kelley made these last year to hold mix-CDs and poems that we share with some friends at church)

For more on the DIY (do it yourself) revolution, you should check out Design Your Life, and the work of the Lupton twins!