the great easter heist

Melvin and Kelley and I took our kids to the neighborhood egg hunt last Saturday.  It was billed as "Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt Saturday 12-5pm"  We thought, "How can you have a hunt or 5 hours."  So I called the parks and rec person and she verified that hunt would be first thing followed by a cook out and face painting and other games Well we get there at 12 to learn the hunt would not be until 2pm.  But eggs and kids were everywhere.  everyone was wailing at little kids for not controlling themselves and at big kids for–well, not being able to contain themselves either.  After an hour of this Kelley suggested that we make a run for it.  Grabbing the eggs off the hidden far side of the park and continuing to walk home from there.  Melvin thought the idea was genius and so we grabbed the kids hands and never turned back.


I wonder what the kids thought?  We took this pic and then kept running!


well out of site, we relaxed for the walk home.

The next day the Brays and Bronsinks were joined by our friends Dawn and Dave for Easter Brunch, sharing songs, reading scripture, and some good ole body prayer.  He is risen!