oh blessed god

Troyedit2this song is located at iLike the chorus was co-written by Ryan Sharp and Damien O'Farrell.

Here are the lyrics and chords <I fixed some of them today, May 2>:

Oh blessed God (by Bronsink, Sharp)

B E A, B E A,

B E A B E A the fresh spring of everything pouring from your words, “let there be…” B E A B E A the fleshed life of woman and man dancing in the dawn of eden B B/C C#m E A richness of plenty for all the earth a destiny F# A B your-voice walking with them your-song’s cultivating rhythm

(chorus) E E/D# oh blessed god the saving one E/C# B lord, hear our cry to you E E/D# your kingdom come your will be done E/C# B life pouring out of you (pouring out of you)

B E A, B E A

now we fall like trees for missing you and miss the kiss when justice and peace meet too along the hungry and the thirsty streets we see you in the people we meet

our eyes are empty, our stomachs ‘full how long, oh lord, ‘til your world’s made whole? your-voice walking with them our songs, so far from heaven

oh blessed god…

(bridge) C#m C#m/C C#m/B A Put a song in me like you people the streets of history C#m C#m/C C#m/B A Turn me upside by the heart I find in each street I’m walking C#m C#m/C C#m/B A put clothes on shame teach us to sing forgive our sins ‘salvation ring F#m B A ‘salvation ring

(chorus) oh blessed god…