Junk mail not included I get about 50 emails a day... I have about 10 phone calls that lead to an action on my part. I sure you have the same deal or more so. In addition, however, I also pray and play with my family and plant things (that get too little water in this drought) and write and consult... I do get upside down on my commitments from time to time (I just was reminded yesterday of a newsletter that i was supposed to publish months ago), but i get most of these things done because of a elegant and simple system presented by David Allen:

For over a year now I have been working through David Allen's "the Art of Getting things Done" and i am becoming more efficient with my time. Allen teaches that th old idea of "work" with clear boundaries job descriptions and expectations has changed to "knowledge work" (Peter Drucker's concept) requiring a new system to capture all commitments and to manage next actions. He writes:

"There has been a missing piece in our new culture of knowledge work: a system with a coherent set of behaviors and tools that functions effectively at the level at which work really happens. it must incorporate the results of big-picture thinking as well as the smallest of open details. It must manage multiple tiers of priorities. It must maintain control over hundreds of new inputs daily. It must save more time and effort than are needed to maintain it. It must make it easier to get things done" (page 9, GTD)


Getting things Done (GTD) is a system with a cult following. I even have a mac program that helps me with this, OmniFocus. Anyway, the GTD peeps, David Allen and company will be hosting a workshop in two weeks, June 10, in Atlanta and the non-profit rate is $387.

Here's his plug for the event.

I'll be there, If you wanna join me be in touch.