polter abend

Kelley's and mine's friend Uschi Jeffcoat lost her mother to a long battle with cancer. Her mother is German and her family goes there a lot. They make up these hybrids of German experiences and ameri-germanic and one of them is the wedding festival that includes "polter abend" roughly meaning crazy night. At the night of a traditional german wedding people break ceramic and china and scream out blessings and explatives. The occasion of our polter abend was the engagement of Uschi's youngest sister Kristina. It also happened in their mothers' house that they were selling. It was the night after the garage sale. Those plates and figurings that did not sell were animated into the crashing and breaking and drinking and shouting of amy German words we knew. I remember yelling "Jurgen Moultmon" and "gestalt" and "nien." I wish I knew more German!