no I have not left presbyterianism

a quick update... I was excited to have some conversations the past few months with AJC Religion editor, Chris Quinn.  He's great. He reported on Brian McLaren's particpation in the Mainline Emergent/s event, Jan 2007 and this summer's Jesus For President and Church Basement Roadshow.  Today he wrote a nice short piece about Phyllis Tickle and her upcoming book, The Great Emergence.  In it he quotes me talking about the local Atlanta Emergent Cohort:

Troy Bronsink, a former Presbyterian pastor who leads a strand of the Atlanta movement, describes some involved as “refugees from ecclesiological abuse.”

I did say that, but I have not been de-frocked nor have I burned my frock (I don't actually have a frock).  I was ordained in July of 2006 to validated ministry in my neighborhood of Capitol View.  During my time there I have done a lot of odd projects inlcuding managing a coffee shop, community organizing,  neighborhood association work, volunteering with the Annie Casey Foundation to convene conversations around Public Art and Culture.  For a year  I was intalled as minister at The Church of St.Andrew in Sandy Springs, but that was an 18 month contract that ended abruptly at 12 months (to here more about that read this post).  Since then my family and I have grown more and more committed to the future of our Southwest Atlanta neighborhood and two months ago began planning to form a Christian community here called "Neighbor's Abbey."  I am working intimately with the PC(USA) and the Presbytery here in Atlanta to begin this work.  MOre than that, though I am working with my neighbors to discover what it should become--- so there will be more to hear on this as it unfolds.

So I am the former minister of one particular presbyterian congregation, but I have not left the tribe. I've only left the formal traditional congregation side of Presbyterianism.  And BTW I still hang out on occasion with formal traditional Presbyterians, and they don't bite ;^)