My friends Mike Stavlund and Michael Toy have challenged me to join them for  National Poetry Writing Month (aka NaPoWriMo), a challenge/experiment to write one poem each day for the month of April.  "It is a way to give oneself permission to write poorly; a way to embrace quantity over quality.  But also, to revel in the mystery that somehow, sometimes, quantity begets quality" (says Mike.)  Serendipitously, I'm on vacation for the next few days, a good time to start a new habit... So here's my first:


The ocean’s hand is long. Or is it wide? Or is it her entire reach?

My toddling son stands facing her for his first time, smiling as if at a bath that knows no end. Then balance falls away from him. Rather, she takes it and then hands it back and then takes it again

wave af- ter wave.

I’m holding his hand and so much more this year.

And there’s that vast ocean again handing to me and taking back and handing yet again.