Fall Retreat for Creatives

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives” —Annie Dillard


A few weekends ago I had such a blast facilitating a daylong Life as Art retreat designed for participants in diverse professional fields. It turns out balance and intentional practices are as significant to this crowd as it is to faith leaders. We shared a morning of deep conversation, courageous introspection, and intentionality about the kind of lives we’re making.

We explored the relationship between our "art work" and our "life's work". I unpacked insights from design thinking and creative psycology, and everyone ended with action steps or everyday contemplative practices to honor and breathe through blockages in life or work. I also had the benefit of great feedback from friends who stepped back at the end of the day to observe my art of retreat curation. It was a great time had by all.

Special thanks to my friend, Aaron Davis, who helped layout an outstanding guide book filled with prompts I’ve written, supporting quotes from poets and subject matter experts, and images from photographers, installation artists, and painter friends of mine. But more than the materials, the real magic is always the participants.

Here’s some of what participants shared:

"I appreciated hearing how others struggle and learning tools to push past being stuck"—Hosptital Family Services Director

"I enjoyed the speace to zoom out and learn and reflect on my large life's work" —Tatoo artist

"I loved how well thought out this was, relaxed and welcoming" —Teach for America teacher

"I apprecaited identifying practices to be more intentional with my life" —Non profit fund developer

"I loved being able to offer myself without worrying about other people's values" —Community Develpment Consultant

"I enjoyed having space to create, discuss, listen, and learn. I'd love to have an opportunity like this for my whole team!" —Environmental Engineer Consultant