Communicating with each other

Last week I attended an event called Red Letter Christians, where I met up with old friends and made new ones. Tony Campolo and his son, Bart, organized the group and I think this was their fourth year to do this thing. We were all Jesus followers with passion about justice in the world around us ranging from beginners to speakers with decades of experience as a communicator. More about them later. Well, anyway, at the gathering some of the folks (Tony and Bruce) got to ribbing me about my lack of presence on the blogosphere and social media in general.  I'm huge on collaboration, I really do enjoy shared ideas and conversation, but I have trouble expressing that online. So I've resolved to spending some time on more regular communication.

I'm gonna start small and just see how it develops. Here are a few things I'm planning for starters:  For December through February I plan on blogging Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'll make a habit of getting a few ahead if necessary so that vacations or weird days don't throw me for too much of a loop. Some of the things I plan on covering include:

  • my music leadership and songwriting experiences
  • select content from conferences I've led on mission, church formation and worship design
  • experiences from the inner-city these past 7 years
  • memories and ah-has from my 3.5 years as the Abbot of Neighbors Abbey
  • books and musicians that I'm enjoying
  • stories of people I've gotten to know that I think you should meet (including Red Letter Christians)
  • ideas and input for my forthcoming book on the integration of creative process and spiritual formation.

I'll also be changing my Facebook profile to a page so that people can learn more about my life, my music and my writing… I'm interested in my work mixing with your own life and work and it seems that the page will be an easier way to do this. Finally, I'll be tweeting (and hold me to this!). So I'll be sharing more regularly what I'm hearing, learning, creating or wondering. I'm a complete novice when it comes to tweeting so I welcome any encouragements or etiquette critiques as I get going on it. My twitter handle is @troybronsink

If you want to be part of a circle of friends holding my feet the fire on this decision, contact me I'm open to suggestions.  If you have ideas that you would like me to post on leave that in the comments sections as well.  Thanks!