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I lead retreats for creatives, social activists, and faith groups. I've lived in half a dozen places from North Carolina to Washington state and currently make home  in the Northside community of Cincinnati, OH with my wife of nineteen years, our fifteen year old drama queen daughter and our seven year old ball of energy son. I'm founder and director of The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action, a nonprofit social enterprise in Cincinnati curating contemplative small groups and mindfulness in the workplace. I'm a singer-songwriter who loves everything from Tom Waits to Thom Yorke, a cook who loves discovering more uses for bacon fat or shallots, and a budding mixologist who infuses my own simple syrups but not bitters... yet.

For the past 20 years I've been speaking or playing music at camps and conferences, and making the most of opportunities  to build deeper collaborative relationships between creatives. I began by asking how church and mission function much like art. Soon "Church as Art" grew into a discussion of "Life as Art", which led to my book Drawn In: A Creative Process For Artists, Activist, and Jesus Followers.

Today, whether I'm leading a retreat, speaking at an event, or playing music in a bar or church I'm after the same outcome: challenging people to treat their own lives and relationships with artful honor and intention. 


  • teaching design thought
  • retreat direction
  • individual spiritual direction
  • group facilitation (including Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe, and other process modalities)
  • speaker
  • music performer


  • Life as Art: a 1-4 module retreat for professional artist and creative leaders addressing balance and perspective through design thought and mindful practices. Can be adapted for creative team retreats.
  • Church as Art: a 1-3 module retreat with worship artists and pastoral staff exploring missional rationale, and how to curate worship for a participatory culture. 


  • Life as Art: Looking at the Process of Your Life and Taking up Practices Past Compulsivity
  • Drawn Into Life with Jesus: Beauty, Creative Rhythms and an Intentional Life of Prayer
  • Drawn In Without Being Driven: The Activist and Rhythms of Grace
  • DIY Faith: Intentional Community and Church Planting in an Inventive Age
  • What is Missional?: Being God’s Work of Art and Commissioned Artist
  • Church as Art: Co-creative Practices of Jesus followers
  • The Art of Worship: Curating Narrative, Ritual, and Prayer


  • "A gifted writer, reflective artist, and practical theologian sure to contribute much to the life of the church for decades to come." —Brian McLaren
  • “Troy Bronsink is deeply rooted in a seriousness about Gospel faith. He explores the recognition that faith cannot be held in the familiar categories of concept, proposition, rule or cliché, but is always moving toward new possibilities.” —Walter Brueggemann
  • "In the world of worship, there hasn't been much new under the sun for two decades. Troy Bronsink is one of the few exceptions. His infectious indie vibe inspires a new level of honesty, a deeper experience of presence, and an unapologetic focus on the 'we.' Bronsink is a true course-correction for the contemporary church." —Sally Morganthaller